Patient Testimonials

“This experience is amazing. The staff and Dr herself are all prompt and professional. It feels great to have a one on one experience and service. I have never experienced such a service that was tailored to me. Everything was perfect.” – Teang, Y. Jacksonville, FL

“My experience with Dr. Nadji & staff has been fabulous. I had to have major work done and they made everything convenient for me. My wait time was never long and my procedures were always done quick and right. Dr. Nadji was always gentle with my care and made sure I was always comfortable, cause I’m not an easy person to please. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Nadji if you want to be healthy and smile better.” – Katina S. Jacksonville, Florida

“I love my new smile. I am more confident and my bite is better aligned. The outcome is impressive. There was such a transformation from my before and after….I recommend Dr. Nadji for other folks considering a smile makeover.” – Lisa, S. Jacksonville, FL

“I just wanted to commend Dr. Holly and her entire staff on my smile makeover/Invisalign treatment. In less than 1 full year, my teeth are straight, all spaces, gaps are closed and all of my teeth are aligned. Thank you – I am a patient for life…Dr. Holly is very gentle in all of her procedures. she explains everything up front so you are aware…She is the Best…the entire staff is well trained, knowledgeable and friendly.” – Tim, H. Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji changed my smile from something I was embarrassed about to something I can be proud of, and no pain involved. Thank you Dr. Najdi…She is truly the ‘gentle lady dentist’. She makes certain there is no pain and no fear…Dr. Nadji is very caring, considerate and professional.” – Anita, G. Jacksonville, Florida

“For years I avoided the dentist but Dr. N and her staff are wonderful at putting Friday cats like me at ease!” – T. Randall, Jacksonville, Florida

“I appreciate the kindness and the friendly environment of the staff. Dr. Nadji and the staff are all friendly and make sure every need is met. It made my experience a positive one.” – Liyana S., UNF Student, Jacksonville, Florida

“Talented, well trained, compassionate and caring dentist and staff with the latest equipment designed for your comfort. Easy to contact and responsive office. I’m a new patient who is very impressed and satisfied…friendly, competent staff. Felt right at home for my first visit. Thank you.” – Lynn P. Jacksonville, Florida

“What I appreciate most about my experience with Dr. Nadji is the knowledge base and skill demonstrated as she made an amazing transformation in my smile. From beginning to end, the entire process was explained in detail and was painless. The doctor made everything so easy. The office was very comfortable and the staff was warm and professional. I never had a wait time greater than 5 min. Everything turned out as explained and expected. We had remarkable results. I would recommend Dr. Nadji to anyone contemplating a makeover. Dr. Nadji is a caring person who takes pride in her work. She combines education, technology and artistic skills to make amazing results a realty for her patients.” – M. Petr, Jacksonville, Florida

“Best Place Ever!. Everyone is incredible here. The staff is so friendly and explains everything thoroughly. They make you feel so welcome and comfortable. Dr. Nadji is so great. She is amazing at what she does. I recommend her highly!” – Caroline D, Jacksonville, Florida

“Everyone was helpful. Very happy with the service, and the work done.” – L. Paul, Jacksonville, Florida

“My experience has been wonderful. Dr. Nadji has taken me from never smiling to smiling all the time. My smile has improved so much due to my invisalign and her great work. I recommend invisalign to everyone now. The care and concern Dr. Nadji and her staff have shown and my great smile, is what I appreciate most about Dr. Nadji. They took a real coward from dreading going to the dentist to actually looking forward to each visit. My experience here is different because it is easy to discuss treatment with her and her quick response to all my needed treatment is something I really appreciate.” – P. Mutillo, Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji makes you feel totally at ease, and her office staff is so nice. For one who does not like going to the dentist, it is a very pleasant experience.” – Cindi S. Jacksonville, Florida

“Great dentist and friendly proficient dental assistants. I’ve had extensive work on my teeth and results are fantastic. Had other dental work done 1 year ago and no comparison in the quality of work done. Also she is do gentle I never felt a thing even during extractions. Looking for an excellent dental experience you should make an appointment today.” – K. Hanaman, Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji is always warm and welcoming and is also highly skilled in her profession. I had Invisalign treatment and both I and my wife had root canals performed by Dr. Nadji. We are both immensely satisfied after the treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Nadj to anyone with any tooth problem without reservation….Dr. Nadji promised me what I could expect at the end of the treatment and she kept her promise one hundred percent.” – Dr. Ravi, P. Jacksonville, Florida

“I received a mailing from Dr. Holly Nadji and when I saw her smile, I knew this was the dentist for me. I had a lot of old crowns to replace . It was a great experience and great results. I had absolutely no pain, great atmosphere in the office, very comfortable and caring. I most appreciate the doctor’s sincerity and how caring she is. I’ve recommended many friends to her since my smile makeover.” – F. H., Jacksonville Florida

“I was against Invisalign at first. I was too busy to put something in my mouth all day. Working with Dr. Nadji and seeing the results of how straight & good-looking my teeth could be, I knew Invisalign was right for me. She was very friendly and informative and she and her staff seek to make you comfortable during your treatment. I would suggest Invisalign & Dr. Nadji to everyone.” – A. May, Jacksonville, Florida

“I would recommend Dr. Nadji for other folks considering smile makeover. I came in to inquire about Invisalign and what the process entailed. After talking about payment options, I was in the chair getting impressions made. 20 weeks later and I was done. I got the smile I wanted. Dr. Nadji is very nice and caring.” – D. Long, Jacksonville, Forida

“So rude of me I cant seem to remember the hygienist that took care of me. And She was very gentle attentive, and knowing that my teeth are so sensitive. She was very careful.Once again thank you.” – N. Franklin, Jacksonville, Florida

“Very pleased with Dr Holly and her entire staff. We appreciate the follow-up calls after a procedure is done. Great team!!” – w. Rittscher, Jacksonville, Florida

“Thanks for seeing me right away to smooth the rough edge on my Invisalign tray. It is already so much better!” – C. Windham, Jacksonville, Florida

“Excellent service and care as always.” – T. Furey, Jacksonville, Florida

“It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Malik. Your in good hands with Dr. Nadji and friends.”
D, Peterson, Jacksonville, Florida

“I’m very pleased with the results from my smile makeover. It has taken away a stigma that I have lived with for a long time. I have already had compliments on the difference the change has made in my appearance. I feel better about myself and more confident in my smile. I’m also very pleased with how the team here went about their work. They are truly service oriented and have a deep concern for the welfare of the patient. The quality of work was outstanding. They understand that you made a commitment. They are committed to you to be sure they do not fail your expectations. It’s the service commitment that stands out to me, the care, the concern, the attention to every little detail. I’m proud of the work they did.

What I appreciated most about the experience with Dr. Holly Nadji was her sensitivity, her concern, her communication throughout the process. Her thorough understanding of the patient’s desires and her strong commitment above the call of duty to deliver on what the patient wants done.

My experience was very different than previous dental offices. Her extreme concern for the patient, almost family like, I never felt like just another patient. ”
L. White, Jacksonville, Florida

“My visit was pleasant as usual and look forward to my future visits.”
James K., Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji is truly The Gentle Lady Dentist. I appreciate her attention to detail and her genuine concern for my comfort. Dr. Nadji is the first dentist to introduce me to Invisalign. Never before did it seem possible that I could have straight teeth. I have always had extremely crooked teeth and was very self conscious to smile. At age 54 I never thought it was possible to have straight teeth. Dr. Nadji recommended Invisalign as an option form me. Invisalign was well worth the investment. I am very pleased with the results and so thankful for the great treatment I received from Dr. Nadji and her staff. Now I can smile with confidence. I would definitely recommend Dr. Nadji for a smile makeover.”
S. Morris -Jacksonville, Florida

“I came in to the office looking for a new smile. I have had my 2 gold teeth over 17 years and I was looking on the website and I was amazed with some of the photos I had seen so I made an appointment and now I have my new smile and I am enjoying life again, the best is yet to come! They let you know exactly what needs to be done and I thank Dr. Nadji and her staff for their honesty. Thanks to Dr. Holly Nadji I can smile again.”
Lentonia G., Jacksonville, Florida

“I thought my smile was lost forever and a special person (Holly Nadji), came along and she is heaven sent. She and her assistant Marcela changed my life and held my hand through the entire smile makeover. I appreciate the entire staff and would recommend them to anyone who is as chicken as I am. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your team.

Dr. Holly Nadji was patient and truthful about options to give me the smile I truly needed. ”
J. Hill, Jacksonville, Florida

“I’m so thankful to have found such a kind and caring professional team for my dental care.”
Shelley R., Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji is a perfectionist! And that is exactly the kind of dentist you want working on your smile makeover! Very professional and concerned about your comfort. She provided the best experience I have ever had with a dentist. Everyone at Dr. Nadji’s are the utmost professionals. They know how to make you comfortable and truly make it the best experience possible. Her entire staff is fabulous! I would highly recommend Dr. Nadji and her staff for all your dental needs. She is truly the “gentleladydentist”. I am thrilled with my smile makeover results!”
C. Aeling, Jacksonville, Florida

“Annie is the best hygienist I have ever had. Brandi and all of the office staff are very friendly and helpful!”
P. Leary, Jacksonville, Florida

“I never felt pain during my visit to Dr. Nadji’s office. She really is the best at what she does. Also the desk administrator was one of the nicest people I have met in a while.”
Danny, L. Manager, Jacksonville, Florida

“My visits are pleasant as usual and look forward to my future visits.”
James, K. Jacksonville, Florida

“The dental assistant helped me learn how to brush and floss so that I don’t rub off my gums. It makes sense now that I look back. I have been scrubbing so hard and often to get all the tartar off that I have been scrubbing off my own gums. I am so glad that someone finally told me this. She saved my gums.”
Andrew, M. Jacksonville, Florida

“Having had a gap in between my front teeth my whole life, had made me very self conscious of smiling. I rarely showed teeth in pictures. I am so proud of my new smile. Her gentle manner and wonderful staff were the best. The work is excellent and her attention to detail unbelievable. Completely pain free dental work; everyone makes you feel so comfortable. Dr. Nadji makes sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience. Thanks Dr. Nadji!”
J. Miller, Jacksonville, Florida

“No one likes to go the dentist. I am 61year old and have been to a number of dentist offices. I must say the experience I have had in the two appointment I have had are a good as it gets.”
L. Clark, Jacksonville, Florida

“Well, now I have someone who understands my concerns and made me feel very comfortable, no pain, no problems. She is the Best and that is the best thing anyone can say about her business and her practice. Do not wait, it is worth it!”
F. Kern, Jacksonville, Florida

“I had major work done on my teeth with Dr. Nadji, she is very patient, understanding and caring. I always feel very comfortable at her office. She lifts my spirit when I’m there. I was not satisfied with my previous dentists, Dr. Holly Nadji is so knowledgable, she loves educating her patients. I love my new smile makeover and my friends say she did a great job! My teeth look so natural! She is a wonderful dentist, the office is beautiful and the staff are super. I would highly recommend her!”
Stojan S., Jacksonville, Florida

“I was very close to retirement when I met Dr. Holly Nadji in her Orlando office. A friend of mine had recommended her. She was the most gentle dentist I ever experienced, I barely felt the numbing with her. I had always wished my teeth were straighter and she suggested porcelain veneers. I went through with them and I love my new smile. I’ve been sending my friends to her as everyone is admiring my new most confident look. I was so delighted that she put me in her album of smile makeovers so other patients can see what my teeth looked like before she worked on them and could benefit from my positive experience.”
Dr. R. Harman, Orlando, Florida

“My teeth feel wonderful following the cleaning by Anne. She was so friendly and made me feel right at home.”
C. Keim, Jacksonville, Florida

“I had never had such a gentle dentist in my 50 years of my life, I’m so happy to have found her.”
M. Smitha, Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji is a very gentle dentist when doing dental work and she has a very very nice staff! She does great work when it comes to the smile makeovers! I am very happy with my results. She even came to the office on a Saturday when I needed to come in for an emergency! I would highly recommend her.”
A. Timmons, Jacksonville, Florida

“I found Dr. Holly Nadji when I was looking for a cosmetic dentist in Orlando; my sister was getting married in 3 weeks and I was the maid of honor. I asked around for the best cosmetic dentist in town and I showed up 2 weeks before the wedding. She redid my entire smile and put me in her album of before and after pictures. I am so delighted with the results, her gentle touch and comfortable numbing and her care during and after the procedure were so reassuring. After that I sent 2 other friends who both had smile makeovers done by Dr. Nadji. I’m so glad I found her. My before and after pictures are now in her album for other patients to see.”
M. A. Beechro, MBA, Orlando Florida

“I have had many years of dental work done in my life, mostly not very good work. Dr. Nadji is a friendly, professional, caring person which shows in her great attitude. You leave her office knowing she is the best of the best in the dental community. She makes you the number one person in every way possible and her staff follows with the same caring, professional attitude. Dr. Nadji always had my interest and health as her #1 priority. Her staff are excellent and her work is flawless. Her patience, expertise and perfectionist personality was what magnetized me to want to have the smile makeover done.”
Jeanne A., Jacksonville, Florida

“I came to Dr. Nadji based on a good friend’s recommendation and because I never liked the feeling of being numbed. My friend told me that her numbing was different than anyone she had been to before. Although skeptical at first, I decided to give her a try, and O my Lord, I wish I had met her years ago; she was kind and so gentle, she was the first dentist who actually listened to me and respected my wishes and her numbing, I was speechless. I had never been numbed so comfortably in my life!”
J. Passada, Ph.D., Orlando, Florida

“Dr. Holly Nadji is a very good doctor and a very wonderful person and the makeover was a very nice surprise and a great experience for me! She is very caring.”
Laura B., Jacksonville, Florida

“Extremly courteous and professional”
A. Benedetto, Jacksonville, Florida

“I have never had a dentist where i didnt even feel the pain of the long needle going in to numb me. For me that is the worst part and it was painless. Im kind of a whimp. As well the lady that cleaned my teeth, very well and that bairly hurt. Again im a whimp and she did very well. Plus the staff ar so nice and well behaved. They remember everything about you and your previous visit. Overall AWESOME!!!!”
R. Cox -Jacksonville, Florida

“I was so afraid of the dentist in the past and I would not go. Dr. Nadji was very patient and made my visits better than good and very comfortable. Before my experience with Dr. Holly Nadji, I was very self conscious about my smile. Now I’m always smiling. My family and friends just can not believe the change. Thank you Dr. Nadji, you are the best!”
Gary S., Jacksonville, Florida

“It is always a pleasure to see the staff at Dr. Nadji’s office – they have made a difference in my life!”
R. Randall, Jacksonville, Florida

“The most important part of this process was the CUSTOMER SERVICE provided by Dr. Holly Nadji and her staff. They make you feel like the most important patient whenever you enter the office! Very personable! I would most definitely recommend Dr. Nadji, Dr. Nadji’s experience, the pleasant nature of the staff, and the overall ease within the transition of my teeth had played a part in my experience! I do it all over again in a heartbeat.”
Drew, K., Jacksonville, Florida

“I very much appreciated the service I received from Dr. Holly Nadji; She is more gentle and understanding than any other dentist I’ve been to; she is very gentle and treats everyone very special. I will recommend her to my friends and family. She makes everyone feel special–she is very gentle and considerate.”
Tori W., Jacksonville, Florida

“The best experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Nadji and her staff cannot even be compared to any other office…I love everything about this place. Prompt and very detailed service. Very courteous and attentive staff! Would recommend to anyone!”
Dimitry K., Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji always sees me right away. They are on top of any and all problems. She’s number one on my list. They know exactly what the problem is and how to take care of it quickly!”
Frances B., Ocala, Florida

“She really is the best at what she does. I never felt pain during my visits to Dr. Holly Nadji’s office. What I appreciated the most is the professionalism, the pleasant staff, very friendly, I never felt uncomfortable about what was happening. I absolutely recommend Dr. Holly Nadji for anyone wanting a smile makeover.” Dan L. Manager, Jacksonville Florida
Dan L., Jacksonville, Florida

“The office staff and Dr. Nadji were amazing. they made me feel very comfortable and relaxing during the entire process.”
Diane S. Jacksonville FL

“I found all of the staff to be caring and of good humor. I would also like more information on if Dr. Holly Nadji can repair broken wire retainers.”
C. Griggs, Jacksonville, Florida

“I came to Dr. Nadji with a great fear of dentists but I needed a lot of work done. She and her staff made me feel like family adn I now actually enjoy seeing her. She’s the best dentist I’ve seen in a very long time.”
C. Cummings, Jacksonville, Florida

“Having an emergency and not having a regular dentist; I was very impressed with getting an appt in same day. After my visit still apprehensivenes of what to expect following the procedure, I was delighted that there was no pain and my mouth felt normal. I would/will voice accolades for Dr. Holly Nadji.”
M. Geoghagan, Jacksonville, Florida

“Dr. Nadji and her staff are caring, efficient and very professional. Not only do you feel cared for, the Dr. goes beyond to make you feel like family.”
R. Winterman, Jacksonville, Florida

“Despite having two impacted molars removed in surgery, I’v gotta say that this was the BEST dental experience by a dentist and staff. I just wish that they had more than one gas machine. I really needed it.”
C. Richards, Jacksonville, Florida

“Rebecca lights the place up! Rachael (took my x-rays) was very nice as well.”
W. Bloom, Jacksonville, Florida

“Before starting my smile makeover 3 years ago, I felt very self conscious about my appearance. I wanted to be more confident and make an impression with my personality, but most of all my smile. First impressions are important…Dr. Nadji will make sure you are completely satisfied with your smile makeover. She wants you to love your smile…from the receptionist to back office staff, you will feel welcomed and at peace.”
Caitlin, A. Jacksonville Florida

“Your phone support was excellent. The voice of this person if the first impression a prospective patient gets of your entire business. Today, it is in very good hands.”
Andrew, M. Jacksonville Florida

“I am Highly satisfied with your services and i would recommend your service to anyone. Thank You!”
Stojan, S. Jacksonville, FL

“Good job and thank you.”
Michael, C. Jacksonville, Florida

“Many thanks to all the personnel on your staff. They are very professional, and made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after my procedure.”
Catherine, C. Jacksonville, FLorida

“Thank you for working so hard to accommodate me and my severe dentist-phobia. You are simply the best!”
Rhonda, S. Jacksonville, Florida

“Thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience.”
Jezsika, S. Jacksonville, Florida

“Thank you for your skill and patience!”
Joyce, L. Jacksonville, Florida

“Thanks, everyone, for another stellar day at the dentist!”
Marlene, W. Jacksonville, Florida

“Thanks for all the help with my smile.”
Mary, M. Jacksonville, Florida

“Thank you again for the excellent care!”
Toni, R. Jacksonville, Florida

“Everyone is friendly & helpful.”
Poorbeh, S. Jacksonville, Florida

“I want to say thank you again for being able to get me in so fast when I was in pain and for taking care of me every step of the way.”
Russell, J. Jacksonville, Florida

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